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How We Work

Framlingham Town Council is your local tier of Government dealing only with the town of Framlingham.

Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council deal directly with many different aspects of the town.
When you look up for something in our A-Z of Services you will be directed to the correct authority dealing with that matter.

How the Council works, the way decisions are made and what the Council can do are all governed by the local government act and the Council's agreed policies. See: Framlingham Town Council Standing Orders

All Council and Committee meetings are open to members of the public and begin with time for public questions and comments. It is a requirement that Councillors attend meetings, but the public can also join via Zoom.

Details of how to join a meeting can be found on the Committee Agenda for each meeting. Agendas include Zoom invites if you can't attend in person.
Find a meeting and all the public meeting papers at: Meetings Agendas Minutes

Full Council Meetings

These take place on the first Wednesday of each month (with the exception of August), in the Castle Community Rooms, which is opposite the Town Council offices.
This is when Councillors make all decisions collectively on policy matters, anything requiring expenditure over £500, and all planning recommendations which are referred up to Suffolk County Council.

Who We Are

Information on all our Councillors and staff

Council Committees

An outline of the role and responsibilities of each committee

Framlingham Parish Map

Maps of the areas covered by the Town Council

A-Z of Services

This is a search directory of all services available from Framlingham Town Council, East Suffolk Council, and Suffolk County Council. It should take you directly to the relevant website page.
Please note: this is a new facility on this website and so some of the links might be missing, or not be correct. Any help in improving the accuracy of these link will be very helpful.

Contact Us & Office Opening Times

You can contact us by using this email form, or call us on: 01728 720183, or visit the office during opening hours at 10c Church Street:
Town Council Office is open to the public on:
Mondays - Thursdays 10.00 - 12.00 and 2.00 - 4.00
We are working flexitime, so we could well be in the office at other times, and you are welcome to drop in then too.
Please ring the door bell. There are times when we may be busy with a meeting or phone call, and we thank you for your patience and understanding if you have to wait for a short time.

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