Sustainable Framlingham

In July 2021 Framlingham Town Council declared a Climate Emergency, and the responsibility was included in the Planning committee, renaming it Planning & Environment. However the Town Council recognises that it does not have the necessary resources or skills to tackle this issue alone.

Sustainable Framlingham was formed as a Working Group to bring together individuals and local organisations who can help to identify and develop projects that address climate change and environmental issues within our community.

We are a group of volunteers acting together to research and explore ideas on reducing Framlingham's carbon footprint, in a variety of ways, from green transport and energy initiatives, reducing single use plastics, expanding recycling facilities and enhancing plant and wildlife habitats.

Four themes have emerged:

  • Emissions reduction - reducing our CO2 emissions footprint
  • Biodiversity enhancement - making space for nature to sustain life
  • 'Least trace living' - reducing waste and increase re-use
  • Resilience - climate change adaption

If you are interested to find out more, or would like to join this group, please contact:

See our reports and surveys

Local Food Project
This 2022 leaflet produced by Woodbridge Transition includes a list of producers and retailers/eateries within a 21mile radius to encourage more people to consume locally produced food and drink.

Environment & Biodiversity

The cemetery on Fore Street has been managed with wildlife conservation as a high priority for many years.
Grass cutting takes place only twice per year, and the trees are inspected and pruned to preserve thier longevity.

The Fens

Following a survey of residents on their use of the Fen, and in consideration of the costs of mowing the meadow, Suffolk Wildlife Trust was asked for their advice on a sustainable plan for managing the Fens with a view to increasing its biodiversity.
Their report was largely accepted, and the meadow is now mowed in accordance with the plan as shown here.

Committee Terms of Reference

This Working Group reports back to the Planning & Environment committee, and so the "Terms of Reference" it operates within are included in this committee's terms in the documents below:

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