Surveys Reports & Plans

Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2031

The Framlingham Neighbourhood Plan covers the whole of Framlingham Parish.
It was agreed by Referendum of all residents in March 2017 and now forms part of the statutory planning consultation process for new development within the Physical Limits Boundary of the town.

Review of the Neighbourhood Plan

We have been working on a review of the plan since September 2021, however a recent planning decision has caused us to defer this activity for the time being.
You can see the progress of the Review so far here

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

A Signpost to our Future
We have collectively prepared this plan using five main themes to signpost the direction we will take to achieve our vision: Financial Stability, Community Needs, Protecting Our Environment, Building Partnerships, and Growing Our Economy

The strategy was reviewed at the end of 2022 and the issues raised have been noted in the report. However, as there were a significant number of new Councillors since drafting the strategy many questions were raised, and it was felt important to follow up with a further review in July 2023.

Framlingham Infrastructure Investment Plan

Quarterly Report: Identifying, Monitoring and Prioritising Infrastructure Needs.
This document explains the purpose of the Framlingham Infrastructure Investment Plan (FIIP) and how it will help the town council, together with our community, identify our infrastructure needs and prioritise our spending to deliver local projects, monitor our progress, and deliver them within acceptable time frames.

Whilst the document discusses a number of different funding streams, it is important to remember that there is a 5-year spending deadline for the Town Council to spend the Neighbourhood CIL we have received.

This is a working document which is updated quarterly

Other Surveys & Reports

Here are some other key surveys and reports carried out by Framlingham Town Council, the local community, and East Suffolk Council

Committee Action Plans

As well as the above strategies and surveys, each Council Committee drafts an Action Plan for its activities for the year based on the annual budget allocation and its Terms of Reference.
These plans are put together as one document, and is updated on a quarterly basis.

The Town Council sets out a vision of what it would like to achieve during each 4 year Council term. It also produces Action Plans for each committee which are reviewed regularly, and all decisions are made subject to the agreed Neighbourhood Plan

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