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Weeding the Lime Tree Roundels - Volunteers?

Weeding the Lime Tree Roundels - Volunteers?

The Town Council has stepped in to weed the Lime Trees in Market Hill. Although all but one are the responsibility of Suffolk County Council (one tree is privately owned) who pollard them and trim the side shoots, volunteers and the Council have planted and weeded these roundels in the past. We are continuing in this tradition, but we do need your help. Please contact if you... Read More »

Posted: Wed, 08 Jun 2022 20:19 by News at Fram

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FAYAP Fashion Show

FAYAP Fashion Show

The young people of FAYAP of youth club are putting on a fashion show and hosting a clothes sale to raise money for Fayap. If you have any clothes in good condition you wish to kindly donate please drop them between 1:00-2:00pm Mon - Friday at the FAYAP Centre (on the left hand side of Thomas Mills High School) by the 17th of May. If you can't drop them off email us with your address Read More »

Posted: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 14:33 by News at Fram

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Community Garden Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Community Garden Easter Egg Hunt 2022

The Fairtrade Easter Egg Hunt was a great success. They had 40 children with their parents, grandparents and supporters turn up at The Community Garden on Easter Sunday. Miss Suffolk even joined them and she handed out the golden ticket prizes.Everyone had a great time.The Town Council was happy to provide a grant for this event. Thank you to the Community Garden and Lesley and Steph for their kind... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 19 Apr 2022 19:10 by News at Fram

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Community Speed Watch Volunteers

Speed watch volunteer

The Town Council is calling for volunteers again for people to be trained and then to operate a Community Speed Watch Camera. This is a speed monitoring device like the Police use.

Under the Suffolk Police's guidance and direction it can be used at locations determined by them to help record speeding motorists. No summons can be issued if people are caught speeding, but those offending will be written... Read More »

Posted: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 21:26 by Simon Garrett

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Castle Community Rooms – sod turning event!

Photo of people in front of digger

Exciting moment for Framlingham – Work starts on new 11 month building project to replace St Michael's Rooms with a new community building. To mark the beginning of construction a 'sod turning' event was held on the site on Tuesday 11th January attended by representatives from Framlingham PCC, the Town Council and East Suffolk Council.

Rev. Chris Davey said "It's incredible, it's been quite a... Read More »

Posted: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 21:32 by Simon Garrett

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