Upcoming Road Works and Road Closures

Upcoming Road Works and Road Closures

Please be aware that there are a series of schedules for upcoming roadworks scheduled for Framlingham

Firstly, East Suffolk Council Parking Services will be conducting line maintenance works on Framlingham Market Hill on Monday 27th March 2023 (weather dependent).

The works will consist of the relining of the off-street parking place, as well as routine maintenance of the on-street Blue Badge parking facilities on Market Hill.
To enable these works to take place, parking will be suspended in the Market Hill off-street parking place, as well as in the four on-street disabled parking bays located outside 9, 20, 21 and 26 Market Hill.

The suspension will begin at 00:00 on Monday 27th March 2023 and will be removed on the completion of the works. Please note that lining works cannot take place during rainy conditions, so the work may be rescheduled at short notice.

Secondly, please see the message below from Suffolk County Council regarding road works in the town in April. Suffolk County Council has planned these works during the School Easter Holidays to minimise disruption and traffic.

3 to 14 April 2023 excluding the bank holiday weekend (9am – 3.30pm) College Road & Mount Pleasant - B1116 Albert Place, B1116 Well Close Square, B1116 College Road, and B1119 Mount Pleasant.

Here are maps showing the extent of this closure and the proposed diversion routes.

Diversion route for B1116 Closure - B1116, A1120, B1120, B1119 and vice versa.
Diversion route for B1119 Closure - B1119, A1120, B1120, B1119 and vice versa.

17 to 21 April 2023 (overnight 7pm – 6am) B1119 Fore Street, Framlingham - B1119 Fore Street, B1119 Saxmundham Road, Framlingham, B1119 Framlingham Road, Parham, B1120 Badingham Road and U2218 Fairfield Road, Framlingham will be closed.

Diversion route for B1120 closure – B1120, A1120, A12, B1116 and vice versa.
Diversion route for B1119 closure - B1119, A12, B1116 and vice versa.
Diversion route for U2218 closure – Fairfield Road, B1116 and vice versa.

24 to 26 April 2023 (9am – 3pm) U2522 Double Street, Framlingham
Diversion route - Castle Street, B1119, B1116, Bridge Street, Market Hill, Church Street and Castle Street.

'No parking' cones will be placed on site prior to the work commencing. This will allow our teams to carry out the works without obstruction. Every effort will be made to keep noise and disruption to a minimum while this work is undertaken.

The road closures are required to ensure the safety of our workforce and members of the public. Access to businesses and properties may be restricted at times, however; will be managed. Staff will be on site to advise of the restrictions and arrangements at the point access or egress is required.

As we plan roadworks in advance, we schedule extra days to allow for bad weather or other delays beyond our control. If we need to make major changes to our work dates, we will update the information signs on site.

When we close the road and put a diversion in place, the route needs to be accessible to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We make our diversions as clear as possible by placing appropriate signing along the route. The latest updates on our works can be found on our website at "Temporary road closures for Suffolk Highways roadworks" and on One.Network website.

Please contact SCC Highways on 0345 606 6171 if you have any questions.

Posted: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 14:26 by Deputy Town Clerk

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