CCTV Cameras are Now Operational

CCTV Cameras are Now Operational

CCTV System now operating in Framlingham

The CCTV system in the town centre is now compliant and up and running. The contractor has recently mounted notification signs on the lamp posts, and the licences required to operate have been agreed.

It is important to note that the images are not on display in the Town Council office, and are only viewed at the request of the police, or for maintenance purposes.

We have contacted the addresses where there is a chance someone's privacy may be compromised to ask them if they want part of the image blocked off. If anyone is concerned about their privacy in their home please contact Jim at so we can show them what can be seen and if they want those parts of the images blocked.

We hope this will go some way towards solving crime issues in the town and offering some extra peace of mind to residents and businesses.

Posted: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 19:50 by Deputy Town Clerk

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