Community Gritters - Cold Weather

Community Gritters - Cold Weather

Freezing Weather is Coming
We are likely to experience cold weather again over the coming days and the Town Council is preparing for this.
Grit bins are located around the town and these are filled each October, and then refilled as and when necessary. The Town Council doesn't actively monitor each bin, so we ask volunteers to let us know if they are running low as we have a small overstock of grit for emergencies.
Thank you.

More advice on gritting can be found online HERE

We also have a team of Volunteer Gritters who grit near to their homes but would love to increase the numbers of our community gritters, please.
Volunteers who have signed up with Fram Town Council are covered under the Council's insurance.

If you would be willing to help please contact the Town Council via email, phone 01728 720183 or pop into the Town Council Office opposite the Castle Community Rooms to sign a simple form.

Posted: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 15:13 by Web Editor

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