Fens update Autumn 2022

Fens update Autumn 2022


You may have noticed that the Fens did not get its final cut and clear this year. This was a combination of Covid, machine availability and weather.

After consulting the contractor and research 'rewilding' people, the Lands committee have decided to leave it be and see how it regenerates next year. It will do no harm ecologically, and indeed there is an argument that leaving it be every few years helps the rewilding process and increases bio diversity.

The downside is that some people may think it looks a little untidy, but the bugs and small creatures will look at it differently!
The upside is that the budget will be in a healthier state for 2023.

The Town Council will look to see what can be done with the material left over from the final cut next year. The 'heaps' that are there already are doing their business as bio machines but it is good practise not to let them get too big by piling more and more stuff on top of them. It can acidify the soil too much which is not good for the trees.
The stuff cannot be used for animal feed or bedding as it will likely have some dog poo in it. Some have felt that it could be used as a bio fuel but so far we have not got very far in finding out how to achieve this.

If anyone has any bright ideas, that will not cost the earth, the Town Council would be very pleased to hear them.

Posted: Fri, 25 Nov 2022 11:36 by News at Fram

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