Broadwater Bridge update

Broadwater Bridge update

Broadwater Bridge Repairs Update - from ESC

The extent of damage to the bridge is relatively modest, however there are a couple of trees that belong to the neighbouring property that need to be removed before we are able to undertake the repairs.

One is a very large willow, which is currently partly supported by the bridge and is rather precariously spanning over a large sewer main that spans the river just downstream of the bridge – This tree will need to be removed very carefully to avoid damaging/breaking the sewer. The land owner is aware of the situation and is in the process of making arrangements for the trees to be removed but there is no confirmed date for when this will take place at the moment – We will continue to liaise with them on the timing of this work.

We have investigated/discussed the scope/details of works required and are of the view that (once the trees have been removed to provide a safe working area) we can undertake the repairs working largely from the road with a small tower scaffold being erected in the watercourse as and when required on a daily basis.

We have already applied for an exemption permit from the EA to undertake the repair works in this way, which usually takes about a week for the EA to process. If accepted by the EA?, this will avoid the need for applying for and obtaining a bespoke consent from them for erecting a scaffold in/over the watercourse, which typically takes 10-12 weeks to obtain. (There is an increased risk of disruption due to high water levels by working from a tower scaffold, but probably something that we will have to accept/manage).

The workpack has already been prepared and is about to be sent for pricing/programming.
We have stressed that these works are a high priority to us, such that the temporary TL's can be removed ASAP.

The works will require a road closure (I would envisage that the repairs should take no longer than a week to complete), for which we will need to obtain road-space for via the Network Assurance Team

We will request an "early start" or emergency closure for this, hopefully this request will be viewed favourably given the location and disruption being caused by the temporary TL's. (We can't request this until we know when the trees will have been removed.)
We can't yet give you a date for when the works will be completed as this is dependent on the outcome of the constraints/issues outlined above, but can update you as things develop.

Posted: Fri, 25 Nov 2022 12:52 by News at Fram

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