Danforth - Removal of oil tank

Danforth - Removal of oil tank

Removal of the old Oil Tank on Danforth - Good News

This is one of those rare occasions these days where a big multi-national, Shell UK, has accepted responsibility for their legacy - the old oil tank sitting as a heap on Danforth road - and they actively did something about it. What was rarer still was that the communication and approach by all three companies was exceptional, and the care and attention Arcadis and Reds took during the works was exemplary. Well done to them! And to the extensive effort by the Deputy Clerk over several years in tracking down who was responsible for the tank, and persuading them to deal with it.

Local residents are now being consulted about what to do with the space. There is the issue that it does not belong to the town and the owner is not known. For this reason what is done to the parcel of land is not easy. A resident has suggested seeding the top soil with grass and possibly putting a couple of benches on it. This will be decided very soon.

Posted: Tue, 04 Oct 2022 08:52 by News at Fram

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