The Big Plastic Count

The Big Plastic Count

The Big Plastic Count needs as many households as possible to take part in the survey which runs for a week from 16th to 22nd May.
Let's uncover the truth about plastic waste – and compare results!

THE PROBLEM: "Nobody really knows how much plastic we're throwing away or what happens to it, and we suspect it's worse than anyone realises. Recycling alone isn't going to solve the plastic problem. There's simply too much of it and our recycling systems can't cope. And right now, there just aren't enough reusable options that work for everyone."

THE SOLUTION: "Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic have launched the nation's biggest ever investigation into household plastic waste. Together, we will uncover the truth about how much household plastic we throw away, and how much is really recycled. This new evidence will be crucial to convince the government, big brands and supermarkets to take ambitious action on plastic packaging."

Posted: Wed, 04 May 2022 01:03 by News at Fram

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