Highways, Rights of Way & Parking Committee

Highways, Rights of Way & Parking Committee oversees highways, parking, pavement, bus stops, footpaths, bridleways, litter and grit bins, plus Framlingham's street lights, 82 of which are owned by the Town Council. The committee acts as a link between residents, East Suffolk Council (ESC) and Suffolk County Council (SCC).
Much of the work is ongoing and so the best way to view progress is by looking at the committee minutes. Three major projects are outlined below.

Public Access

Highways Rights of Way & Parking meetings usually take place on the third Monday of each month.


We regularly monitor the traffic volumes on the four main roads in Framlingham using our Speed Indicator Device (SID), which provides useful data for our Transport Strategy Working Group. This team has been set up to research ideas, needs and possibilities of all matters relating to transport, parking, walking and cycling in Framlingham.

Hand-Held Speed Indicator Device
As we receive regular complaints about vehicles driving too quickly, we now also own a hand-held SID device. The police have approved several sites for its use by volunteers. This will record the actual speeding vehicles. No summons can be issued if people are caught speeding, but those offending will be written to by the Police. The Police might then decide to operate their own speed cameras in an attempt to catch repeat offenders.

We are looking to set up a SID volunteer team to help reduce this problem in Framlingham.
For further info see our Get Involved page

KATCH Taxi / Bus Service

We carried out a survey on the feasibility of a bus route from Framlingham to Campsea Ashe / Wickham Market station in 2019.

Pay & Display Parking

The need for implementing parking meters in Framlingham arose from national government policy to transfer parking enforcement from the police to local authorities. Framlingham Town Council, together with a group of residents, has been in lengthy discussion and negotiation with Suffolk Coastal District Council, and subsequently ESC on where and how to implement the parking meters.
A strategy was formally agreed by the Town Council as outlined in the document:

Since then ESC has decided to implement a standard charging system across the whole of East Suffolk, however their plans have been significantly delayed due to Covid-19.

The intention was to implement charges at all Public Designated Car Parks in Framlingham at the same time, however there are still delays at Elm Street. Car parking charges are now active in Market Hill and Fore Street.

You can see all the reports, including details on parking fees and frequently asked questions in the documents below:
Highways and Parking Reports

LED Street Lights

We have now replaced all of the Town Council owned sodium lighting for LED light. These use 70% less electricity than our previous street lights.

Suffolk County Council is also replacing all the sodium lights they own across the county.

Committee Terms of Reference & Action Plan

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