Framlingham Sound & Light Spectacular

Update - February 2023

The Full Council has agreed that it will not run a Sound & Light event at the Castle in November this year

Video Presentation & Arts Workshop
However the Communication Events and Partnership committee has decided to spend the £444 surplus from the Sound & Light event to commission the artists Noise of Art to deliver a video presentation of the show with an arts workshop for young people on the practical, creative and social aspects of putting on an event like the one held in the town. We are aiming to see a positive community educational end to the event.

How did it go?

Here are the results of our feedback survey outlining what those responding thought went well, what went wrong, and what ideas should be considered for next year.

ITV - Live interview at the event on Friday 4th November

Video clip of the fireworks display on the castle walls

The Event at Framlingham Castle on Friday 4th November 2022

Early Evening Show: 5.30pm (gates open 5.00pm)
Late Evening Show: 8.00pm (gates open 7.30pm)

This is a new environmentally friendly event for bonfire night. The Town Council has teamed up with Noise of Art, an established music and arts organisation, to create a special Framlingham Sound & Light Spectacular within the atmospheric venue of the Castle.

Including music, lights, and mobile art projections the event will be creative and fun. The early evening show is designed for families, and a later one for an older crowd. It will be a very interactive event, and anyone under 18yrs is invited to take part in the art competition in September to create images for projection on the castle walls.

See the art competition details HERE

This new "cross platform" arts event replaces the traditional bonfire and fireworks events of November 5th with a new environmentally friendly, sustainable, and low CO2 emissions event for the town - aiming to reduce significantly the noise and pollution from fireworks and bonfires.

Outdoor Event
As this is an outdoor autumn event it is a good idea to come prepared for cold and possibly wet weather. You can also bring your own folding chairs.

The event may be cancelled in extreme circumstances, eg a thunderstorm or if there is a health and safety issue. In which case the event will be rescheduled to take place as soon as possible at a later date, (ticket refunds will be available for those who can't make the new date due health and travel circumstances).
The numbers attending each show will be adjusted to meet any government Covid restrictions applicable at the time.

We hope most of you will walk to this event, however we have made arrangements with the Sports Club and Framlingham College for extra parking on top of the current facilities in the town. Parking at the castle will be limited as it will include spaces reserved for those with mobility needs, and a dropping off area for those parking further away.

Tickets will be available online only at the ticketing app: SEE Tickets

Places are limited to 800 per show, so online booking will make this easier to manage. Once tickets have been purchased wrist bands will be available from the Castle Ticket Office on the weekend before and on the night in advance to allow an easy flow in and out of the venue. These will only be available to SEE Ticket holders.

Adult £12
- £13.20 including booking fees
Adult & Child £18 - £19.80 including booking fees
Family £24 (up to 4, 2 adults only) - £26.40 including booking fees
Extra Child £3 - £3.30 including booking fees
Child Under 3yrs - free ticket
(Children must be under 16yrs)

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