Communication, Events & Partnerships Committee

Communication, Events & Partnerships Committee manages the website, Instagram account, and coordinates all news communication.
Core aims are to promote the town to visitors, developing community partnerships, and taking a lead role in organising Town Council community events.
The committee also produces any posters, newsletters, surveys, calendars, Fram Bags, maps and guides.

Public Access

Communication, Events & Partnerships Committee Meetings usually take place on the second Tuesday of each month.


This website is the result of much research and analysis to find and develop a new website which will be useful to visitors, residents and council business alike. We now have the ability to add and change content ourselves, and post news items and easily share this across social media and expect to communicate our activities and engage with the community more quickly and efficiently.


Having spent more than a year on Covid support, we were keen to make Christmas last year very special.
Our CHRISTMAS ON THE HILL event broke new ground by linking Market Hill festive shopping with great music at the Castle by three Framlingham bands, plus the orchestra from Thomas Mills High School.
We are now about to start planning for next Christmas, and your feedback in our online survey will be very welcome:

There are lots more events coming up, including the Queens Platinum Jubilee, and we are hosting Suffolk Day in Framlingham this summer.
For more details see: EVENTS

See also the What's On calendar for details and dates on many community activities

Community Engagement

With the support of East Suffolk Council (ESC), and working with the Strategy & Development committee, new initiatives are being explored to use cultural activities to create a thriving town centre. Having been awarded funds towards this aim, this committee will play a leading role in developing ideas with local organisations over the coming year.


Some time ago the Council agreed to position CCTV throughout the town centre. This will improve the ability of police to investigate crime and antisocial behaviour.

This project has taken a long time to develop and implement as it has involved agreement with Suffolk County Council, assessment of appropriate provider, quotes, and the quality of equipment, allocating the funds, obtaining owners permissions planning permissions for each site (18 in all) whether on a building or a lamppost, as well as both County and District Council permissions in the conservation area.

Everything is now planned down to the last gadget and cable, and we are just waiting on the final permissions to be concluded, when actual installation can begin.

Committee Terms of Reference & Action Plan

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