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A few years ago the Town Council instructed Pear Technology to create an electronic version of the cemetery data along with a map to enable easier access to the burial records.

These records are now available at the online cemetery map & search facility to enable anyone to search the burial records linked to the interactive map.
The Town Council continues to pay for annual hosting and regular updating.
For compassionate reasons, the most recent entries will not however be shown - however any data older than 5 years should be on the system.

You can visit the website here:
Framlingham Cemetery Searcher

Framlingham Cemetery - Fore Street

This cemetery has been in use since 1856, and includes over 3000 graves plus a set of splendid wrought iron gates at the entrance.

It is managed with wildlife conservation as a high priority - grass cutting taking place only twice per year. However the trees are inspected and pruned as required on an annual basis, and all the memorial stones are inspected every five years.

It is still in use, and is expected to reach capacity in approximately 2027.
The Town Council is responsible for running the cemetery on Fore Street in Framlingham.
All enquiries should go to

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