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Added on Friday 28th November

If you scroll down a few recent news updates, you will see that only a few days ago we mentioned that our website, was the envy of many towns in the area. Coincidentally enough The Framlingham Town Council are proud now to announce that we have won an award for our community website!

The Suffolk Association of Local Councils have awarded the Website of The Year 2014 Larger Council Award.  CEO Shona Bendix presented the certificate and cheque to Chairman Councillor Carolyn Youngs and Town Clerk / RFO Eileen Coe yesterday.

Special mentions have to go to our website developer Jon Spall of Topcat Media and Stephanie Bennell for creating and maintaining our award winning website keeping it informative, friendly and full of very useful information.

A few website statistics for you....!

Unique visitors to averages over 80,000 people per year (nearly 9 new visitors an hour) with clicks from all over the World.

Other than the UK - Germany, Australia, Brazil, USA, Holland and Italy make up the top 5 most interested countries! Interestingly, we have received 312 hits from Moldova and another 5 from Kazakstan in 2014.

0.3% of searchers (255 people) directed to by Google typed in "where was the detectorists filmed"

60% of visitors use Windows to view the website - 30% use Mac OS - 10% use other operating systems. This includes mobile devices such a smartphones and tablets which are steadily increasing in user chosen devices. marginally receives most visitors between 5pm-7pm and the most busy day for the website is Saturday

Over the last 3 years April, May and June show peaks in visitors to the website, with another peak in October - November. This can mostly be explained by inquisitive tourists.

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