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The Thamar Organ at St Michael's
St Michael's organ was created by Thomas Thamar in 1674 and it is not only a thing of great beauty but the fact that it is still used today is a testament to the craftsmanship of its construction.

The case is one of only eight organs that survived the English Civil War as Oliver Cromwell had a dislike of their ornate style.  Of these eight there are just three remaining, the other examples being in Gloucester Cathedral and at St Nicholas’s Church , Stanford on Avon, Northamptonshire.  The Framlingham Thamar still has the superbly painted pipes and the original case.

Saint Michaels Church has their own website you can visit by clicking HERE and The Friends of St. Michael's own website is HERE

You can buy the CD of Malcolm Russell playing JS Bach.  Cost (including post and packing) is £11 in the UK, £12 within Europe and £14 elsewhere.  You can contact Malcolm through the East Anglian Academy and you can hear him (and the organ) as part of the upcoming town trail audio guide Walky Talky.