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The Church of St Michael the Archangel
St Michael's Church has many important features including a curious wall painting dating from 1400, a fine hammer beam roof, superb tombs of the Howard family in the unique chancel built in 1674.

Saint Michaels Church has their own website you can visit by clicking HERE and The Friends of St. Michael's own website is HERE

Saint Michael's has been built, rebuilt, and added to down the ages.  The capitals of the chancel arch survive as a feature from the twelfth century but the bulk of the church was built in the perpendicular style between 1350 and 1555.  The roof dates from around 1521 and is especially glorious with intricate fan tracery concealing hammer beams.  The font is fifteenth century and the carving on the pedestal of a "woodwose" or "wildman" is a style peculiar to East Anglia.

Opposite the porch door, on the north wall of the nave is a painting dated around 1400 which was rediscovered under plaster in 1890.  One of the most notable features of the church is the famous Thamar Organ.  Only eight of these instruments survived Cromwell's puritan principles and of these eight only three retain their sets of painted pipes.  Framlingham and Gloucestershire (with one modern pipe) are the only sets that play.

The Glory
The painting which is an integral part of the reredos at the rear of the high altar is known as The Glory and dates from the early eighteenth century.  It is an oil painting on canvas by an is unknown artist.  The letters IHS stand for the name of Jesus and are set against the light of God known as the Shekanah.  The compass holes can still be seen where the artist drew the circles of light.  Immediately over the painting in the reredos is a crown and either side are two panels of the Decalogue (the 10 Commandments).  The Victorians failed to value the painting and covered it over.
The Statuette of the Virgin Mary
In the northwest corner of St Michael's is a fairly recent, but nonetheless charming, statue of the Virgin Mary.  The niche that it stands in is actually much older. 
The Font
The baptismal font is 14th century and traditionally Suffolk, decorated with various figures.  The erosion of the years gives it an eerie charm.
Stained Glass
The church has a fine example of stained glass.  It features the announcement of Christ's birth and depicts the scene when the archangel Gabriel appeared to the shepherds.